10 Greek Beaches to Plan Your Life Around

Its tricky to pick just one favorite beach from Sithonia, the middle leg of Halkidiki. After all, this region in mainland Greece is famous for its shores. Kavourotripes, meaning ‘crab holes,’ is for those who prefer not to get into the car with sandy feet. Spread a towel onto the grayish-white rocks, in the shade of the pine trees.

© Perikles Merakos

How can a beach look like a moonscape? The white, volcanic rocks on this Cycladic island have created an otherworldly setting with caves and a fascinating seabed for snorkeling fans. But when there is a strong northerly wind blowing, choose one of the other 70 beaches on the island as the seas get rough.

© Giannis Giannelos

Sometimes, it’s worth being on a ferry for 5 hours: namely when the destination is an island where cars are unnecessary (the longest walk is a mere 3.5km), the human geography is hippy chic, the sand is white and the waters crystal clear. Pori is always magical, even with the summer crowds.

© Giorgos Simos

The small, Cycladic island famous for its stunning, medieval, white-washed Kastro district rates highly on any beach list. If you’re fit, follow the trails to remote beaches like Katergo with its azure waters. For a more leisurely and romantic approach, Katergo can also be reached by boat.

© Clairy Moustafellou



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