Ancient Greek Temples under the starry sky

Original visit 14 important locations
Astrikes orbits , constellations , nebulae and Galaxy with the thin , the mysterious light across the night sky and surround ancient our heritage . From Olympia to Delos and Dion as Knossos , the photographer Luke Chapsis lure the audience into a dreamlike and original visit in 14 major locations where erstwhile flashed Greek culture .

This original photographic work is the result of the project , implemented within 14 months , missions and multi-day stays in the respective archaeological sites supported Eugenides Foundation and director of the Planetarium , Dionysis Simopoulo , who said that ” Given the gallery is unprecedented for the Greek data , as shown for first 14 archaeological sites in Greece photographed at night for the purpose of show the Eugenides Planetarium titled ” Heaven of the Ancients ” . Precious and these impressive photos of the famous photographer Luke Chapsi us show the starry night sky that stretches over our important archaeological sites today.

With ‘ Temples in shape sky … ” met the photographer’s vision to interpret the unique style and view the ancient monuments , having as connective tissue starry sky and lighting technical light paint which reduces to a special promotion of art texture and the surface inclusive of every architectural element . The report came as natural continuation of ” Observers of time” report ( 2011) and from the distant island of Easter topic moved in ancient Greece , the cradle of world art and thought, and even in some of the most important architectural remains of that era.



photos Loukas Hapsisδελφοι-ναος απολλωνα ναξοςarxaioi-xoroi-kato-apo-ton-enastro-ourano-tis-elladas


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