Diving in Greece


The crystal clear water of the Greek seas , the impressive morphology of the seabed and the huge undersea wealth make diving in our country a shocking experience .
The body, free from the sense of gravity, like to free suspended therein mysterious aquatic universe . The magnificent iridescence of sunlight , as refracted in transparent waters , give a sense of peace and eternity . The deep blue of the sea illuminated by bright colors : red coral adorned with colorful shells and starfish orange ∙ green meadows Posidonia ” overgrown ” by sea anemones and sponges … The absolute tranquility stirs a “Marine ark ” of silver fish shoals ∙ ” shy ” octopus ∙ playful dolphins and lazy turtles that give life to the dramatic underwater landscapes .

In Greece many active associations and clubs where you can learn, the diving techniques. Your specialized companies providing equipment , either for purchase or for tenancy.
Whatever area you choose to dive , it is certain that you will be rewarded with the above. However , some destinations are very popular and meeting places of divers who share their passion for exploration of the seabed , underwater photography and underwater fishing.
Vouliagmeni , on the southern coast of Athens , is the famous namesake lake , destination particularly loved by scuba divers .


A short distance from Athens , Porto Rafti ( diving club ) functions , the waters They are a safe introduction to the underwater world , as they are not very deep. In the area of so-called Erotospilia , there is the possibility of diving from shore . If you have your own boat directed to Saint Marina and surrounding islands .
Also , near Athens , Located Salamis , where diving is permitted in marine archaeological site .
The south Evia It has wonderful stone bottoms and a favorite place for anglers .
In Chania Crete operated diving center very high standards . The waters acquire great interest in Kalathas and Paleochora , southwest Crete . The Chania Apokoronas , Sfakia , the Platanias in western Crete , Kissamos and Gramvousa even further west offer unforgettable diving experiences.


The northern Sporades are a paradise for divers . The wonderful seabed , with vivid colors and crystal waters make underwater exploration memorable .

In the Cyclades , especially seductive is diving in Serifos , Milos (outside the bay of Adamas ) , Kimolos ( The south side ) and Sifnos . Special interest Santorini , featuring a truly amazing seabed. The volcanic origin of the island gives the underwater scenery incredible charm . The waters have a high salt content , which makes it very relaxing sailing also because of their purity allow beautiful underwater shots.



The Ionian Sea is famous for its underwater routes . The large islands – Corfu, Zante , Kefalonia , Lefkada – and smaller, as Kastos , Arkoudi the Atokos They are favorite diving destinations . The Sea also has large populations of fish , because the marine park . Infrastructure is excellent and diving centers caring for updating and of diving equipment.
The seabed of the Gulf of Alexandroupolis in Thrace and Kavala in Macedonia is particularly attractive , full rotations. sandy dunes alternate with rocky substrates and shady Posidonia give their position in phosphorescent reefs.
Finally , in Areopolis in Laconia , the magical Limeni , there is a bed with exiologos plates. The lush landscape and the rocky coast complete the ideal setting for marine explorations .


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