Greece is…. Legend, Olympic Games, Wars, Gods, Heroes, Drama, Comedy




From the mythical places , which gave the Republic , the drama and the Olympic Games , in steps of tradition and modern culture

A journey through history
Your trip to Greece It is a trip to a history of 5,000 years . In this place , legend and reality are one. The 300 of Leonidas is not the movie , the Odyssey is not the book , Jupiter is not a planet. Here, all that is history , reflecting the evolution of the human race and highlights the greatness of soul. A story that will become and your muse in every tour of mainland and island Greece .
In the beginning , the ancient stands culture: the Acropolis and the ancient sites around . The Temple of Poseidon at Sounion . OR Ancient Olympia , birthplace of the Olympic Games. Delphi , the ” navel of the earth” . The unique ancient theater of Epidaurus . Vergina and the Minoan palace of Knossos in Crete . The sacred Great Gods in Samothrace and Lemnos . Places blessed by nature , waiting to experience energy in their temples , stadiums, theaters , in front of statues and art monuments .
tradition in Greece
The Greeks have learned to honor their heritage . Today, the cultural stigma of yesteryear is alive in timeless traditions. We will experience authentic Greece and you participating in local traditions : festivals , Dionysian carnival traditions and ritualistic atmosphere Easter.
Arts and Contemporary Culture
But it is not only the ancient culture that will amaze you. Modern civilization and the arts give appointment to museums, concert halls , galleries . In modern metropolises of Athens and Thessaloniki . the thousands cultural events organized throughout the year in open theaters , castles and squares throughout the country.
In Greece , discover the history of civilization and create your own personal history .

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