Halkidiki, Greece

“There is no place like Halkidiki”, some say in Greece.  Get ready to succumb to shapely charm three ” legs ” : Kassandra , Sithonia , Athos . The first two do discrimination . But the third is forbidden for women , as it hosts the famous Athos monastic . What does holiday in Halkidiki ? Emerald beaches , dense pine forests , dreamy hotels, small settlements in the sea with fish restaurants and cafes , beach bar in coves , archaeological sites of great history , traditional villages in Sithonia , the cave of Petralona Cassandra . A small ” Wonderland ” is the Halkidiki . Explore all your senses .

Worth seeing in Halkidiki
Dream dives under the pines
pines to the beach , white sand , dreamy bays , turquoise waters, hidden coves . Beaches Halkidiki many as options : infinite . Do not measure , just take the map and note : Apella , Small and Big Nut , Nun , Kriopigi , Agios Mammas , Sani … Then dive in their unspeakable beauty .
aesthetic Accommodation and many stars
As one of the most luxury destinations in Greece , Halkidiki your cause to experience the ultimate in opulence dozens of luxurious units . Services , activities and aesthetic tantalise holidays you, offering unique experiences : private dinners on the beach , relaxing spa, spacious villas on the water , molecular cuisine to gourmet restaurants , renowned wines and endless vineyards. Here you will also find private marinas , casino , luxury shops and restaurants … the classical definition of luxury is here , in this corner of northern Greece . Is it time to make the holiday of your dreams ?

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Man 700,000 years … in the cave of Petralona
Here you can wander in awe among masterpieces that nature sculpt centuries : stalactites shine in the dark , dazzling ” dwarf stalagmites .” One of the most beautiful caves in Europe and , of course, the spectacular area attractions, tells a story very old : here , “hidden” in sinter , the skull of archanthropus age 700,000 years . He belonged to an ” overage ” of the time , that a man aged 30-35 years .

The ancient Olynthos
planning lessons : the archaeological site, you will see how was organized the famous Hippodamian urban system, which is the reference date for the science of urban planning . Excavated houses , malls , public areas , all in an area with panoramic views .
Anchor in Porto Koufo What lies behind the cliffs in Sithonia south? A secret harbor , through a aperture 300 meters. It is the ancient ” Toroneos port” , the largest and safe haven in North Greece, mentioned by Thucydides . Called Deaf port , because if you stand inside Bay hardly hear the sea .

In Aristotle’s hometown
You are in Macedonia, birthplace of one of the greatest Greek philosophers. Here you will walk the earth who walked the great philosopher . Near the village Olympiada , visit the ancient Stageira , birthplace of Aristotle. In the village Stageira , you will find the Park of Aristotle : compass , pendulum light . The officers referred to the ” course ” of Aristotle are all here .



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