Skopelos island, Greece

Seductively lush landscapes , emerald waters dreamy shores , Pelion architecture , natural beauty , majestic monasteries and authentic island atmosphere compose the picture Reef , one of the greenest islands of Greece because most of the covered virgin pine forest . Her beauty did not leave untouched even the producers of Hollywood who chose to return here the movie “Mamma Mia”, thus making the island a renowned tourist destination in the world !

Skopelos belongs to the complex of the Northern Sporades and has three main ports : Skopelos Agnontas and Glossa . The town is the capital of the island , located on the north coast through in a closed bay and the beautiful state of amphitheater surrounds the castle. The ancient name was ” Peparithos ” the son of Dionysus and Ariadne , who was the first resident here . Skopelos The name first appeared in the texts of Ptolemy in the 2nd century A.D. and it is probable that due to the many shoals and reefs around the island .
OR tour of the island begins from the beautiful amphitheatrically built Chora with its picturesque cobblestone streets, scattered churches and the beautiful island houses with flowery courtyards surrounding the castle . Follow the path that starts from Panagitsa of Pyrgos on the edge the harbor and through picturesque winding lanes will take you to Castle Island . The view throughout the route and from the top of the castle to the village , the port and the church of Panagia of Pyrgos is naturally captivating … Experience the history and tradition the island making a stop at Skopelos Folklore Museum , housed in a restored mansion of the last century .


• The imposing Byzantine monasteries , such as the Annunciation and St. John the Baptist , built in idyllic locations . The old monastery of Annunciation , to the east of the country , renovated in 1712 and famous for the church and the fortified enclosure but also the panoramic view offering to the port and Skopelos .
• According to the legend , about 800 years ago there was a dragon on the island to kill the residents so it deserted . Then the Reginos saint , patron and protector of Skopelos , pursued him and the dragon to save fell dead in cliff. The area where the earth opened and dropped the territory named Drakontoschisma . It is in fact a steep gorge , behind a church built almost on the edge of the cliff bordering the sea . The cliffs , the ” hung ” on their slopes pine trees and turquoise waters create a unique beauty. You will find coming from the grapes, the main road to Amaranto ( left on the gravel road and first fork you meet left again) .
• The pirate graves in Trunks ( ancient carved tombs )
• The Diocese , Venetian building that was destined for the seat of the Bishop of Skopelos , but remained unfinished because of the pirate raids Barbarossa in 1538 .
• The St. John the Kastri , a lovely church perched atop a rock . Accessed by stairs which is carved on the slopes of the rock and of course the view during the climb and at the top of It is fantastic . The church appears in the movie “Mamma Mia”, attracting many couples who wish to make their wedding there !

The big ” trump ” of Skopelos is certainly wonderful beaches with turquoise crystal waters and green pine trees encircling them:
• One of the best beaches considered Milia , 25 km . Northwest of the country , with small , white pebbles and rocks emerging features from the sea and the pine forest that surrounds it beautifully complements the landscape .
• From the is popular and paved pebble Panormos Beach , 15 km . west of the country.
• Great option is the pebbled , organized beach of Stafylos , just 4 km . From the town . OR route to reach it passes through lush pine forests and surely you will enchant …
(Of course these are only some suggestions because the options are generally countless ! )
Finally , do not say goodbye Skopelos without trying the traditional cheese pie , the reputation of which has made the rounds of all Greece ! This local delicacy made ​​from crispy sheet ( the form is usually twisted ) and has as a main component of the local goat cheese. If you have time , combine your holiday with a visit to Skopelos Cosmopolitan Skiathos and quieter Alonissos , where is the water park seal monachus monachus. The islands are connected by regular services while boats make daily cruises.


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