The 10 most important people of the last 6,000 years.

Six historical personalities of Greece are the top ten list of MIT . Which is the most famous personality in the history of mankind ? Aristotle . And do not say we, but the ranking of Technology Institute of Massachusetts ( MIT ) , which brought and analyzed data on the history and culture around the world from 4000 BC by 2010 .

The analysis of these data was made under the Pantheon program that works with the responsibility of the Media Lab at MIT . The interesting thing is that the list is dominated by the Greeks, to six of them are in the top ten . In second place on the list is Plato and the third Christ . According to MIT , someone considered famous if there is the Wikipedia page with its name in more than 25 languages ​​. And here is the top ten.




He named at Thessaloniki University and most famous square. Aristotle was an ancient Greek philosopher and multidisciplinary student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great . It was a major form of the philosophical thought of the ancient world , while teaching deeply permeated Western philosophical and scientific thought until the Scientific Revolution of the 17th century . He was a naturalist , creator of logic and the most important of the dialectic of antiquity.



Certainly know the myth of the cave , right? The initiator of , Plato was ancient Greek philosopher from Athens , the most famous student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle. The work in the form of philosophical dialogues have survived throughout . He had a huge influence in ancient Greek philosophy and in general in the western philosophical tradition until today .



Just could not be among the most famous personalities of humanity . Jesus was a person whose teachings formed the basis for the creation the Christian religion . His followers identified him as the expected Messiah , who means ” anointed .” They believed that he was the savior , the chosen messenger of God, which will liberate the nation of Israel from their enemies and become a blessing for all nations .



Famous for who drank hemlock , for war and for the words ” this one thing I know , that I know nothing . ” Socrates was an Athenian philosopher , one of the most important figures of Greek and world culture and civilization and one of the founders of Western philosophy . It seems to have many similarities with Jesus Christ , like that did not leave writings , he had students who wrote then about him, and taught in nature.

Alexander the Great

Mosaic of Alexander the Great

He has inspired at times many artists and writers , and popular surrender. The reason for Alexander III of Macedon , known as Alexander the Great . it was king of Macedon , ruler of the Hellenic Alliance against the Persian Empire , successor of the Pharaohs of Egypt and principal of Asia and northwestern India . born in Pella of Macedonia in 356 BC and died in Babylon in 323 BC Considered one of the leading Greek generals , because at the age almost 33 years won the majority of the known world (4th century BC ) . His parents were King Philip II of Macedonia and princess Olympias of Epirus .

Leonardo da Vinci


The Vitruvian Man , the Last Supper and Mona Lisa Smile They are among the most famous works in the history of art . So the creator , Leonardo Da Vinci. Born in 1452 and died in 1519 , that lived during the Renaissance period . He was an Italian architect , painter , sculptor , musician , inventor , engineer , anatomist , geometer and scientist . Considered archetypal form of Renaissance humanist and Renaissance artist , but also a genius personality .



The eastern wisdom is an important part of world philosophical thought and Confucius was a genuine representative . He is remembered as the Chinese thinker and social philosopher , whose teachings deeply influenced the lives and thinking of the east Asia . His philosophical approach laid the foundation of many subsequent Chinese views on training and behavior of the ideal man , how such a person should live his life and interacting with others and shapes society and governance that should be involved .



You read about this in Asterix , you’ve seen embodied in films , while murder is one of those who changed history . Gaius Julius Caesar was important figure in Roman history , general and statesman -or to be precise dictator. Changed the form of the Roman constitution , and with his conquests laid the foundations of the development of European culture .



Μet him at school with his works Odyssey and Iliad . Of course we are talking about Homer , who claimed to be the author of these works , which are among the first texts of historical the period of ancient Greece , known as the Homeric epics . For the life of little information and these contradictory and even challenged its existence . By criteria characteristics of the works , it is safe to assume that they were written in the 8th century BC




Even if math is not your forte , the Pythagorean theorem , certainly than you remember. The initiator of , Pythagoras , was an important Greek philosopher , mathematician , geometer and theorist of music. It was the chief founder of Greek mathematics , has created a perfect system for the science of celestial bodies , which patented by all relevant arithmetic and geometric proofs, and was founder of initiatory philosophical movement called Pythagorism .