The Athenian Riviera, Athens Greece


Nearby from the center of Athens , the urban landscape gives way to a unique resort. The entire south side of Attica is endowed with wonderful sandy beaches , rocky coves , lush nature , combined with your ideal climate to make you feel you are on holiday .

The ride starts on the southern outskirts of Faliro and reaches the Sounion .  During route will meet the coastal districts and villages which are full of temptations stops : Alimos , Glyfada , Voula , Vouliagmeni , Varkiza , Lagonisi, Saronida , Anavyssos and other , less ideal for walk, shopping , and of course, diving .

At the edge of this unique coastline will meet Sounion , where you can admire Temple of Poseidon – the most important sanctuaries of the ancient world and important attractions Athens. The location is unique and energy has inspired myths in antiquity. From here jumped King Aegeas , mistakenly thinking he lost his only son Theseus from terrible Minotaur in the Labyrinth . And here every afternoon the orange rays of the sun sets playing hide and seek among the marbles and illuminate the sea lanes that lies ahead your.

And finally , when night falls, you can enjoy the nightlife of Athens, concentrated outside the center and on this side : Alimos , Glyfada , in Vouliagmeni and Varkiza , wonderful beach bars filled world , enjoying a drink , dancing until dawn and creates summer memories . There, the Athenian Rivera who always feel summer.

Temple of Poseidon

Sounion , at the edge of the southern cape of Attica , about the same season with the Parthenon in 440 BC , was made one of the most important monuments of modern Athens : the Doric temple of Poseidon , standing proudly over the sea . The energy transmits the location and the sunset is unique. Visiting Sounion is not simple experience , but personal experience . When you arrive at the temple of Poseidon on Sounion rock , away from the crowd. So , you will feel the energy of this place , bathed in the same light centuries . Energy begets myths. Sounion is the first and last image viewing those who sail in these waters … And it is certainly a unique image that will keep you in forever !


In a relatively short distance from Athens , Lavrion, a port with mining history 4,000 years . Discover metallurgical laboratories , ancient washers and tunnels ancient mines. Admire the industrial complex of the former French Mining Company Lavrion , home to the Technological – Cultural Park of the University of Athens. visit the palm and the mineral museum in the 1875 building.

Harbors of Vouliagmeni

Find your own Your private cove a short distance from Athens and then dive from the rocks into the crystal clear water with the bluish green color .

Lake Vouliagmeni

Here greets you with a miracle of nature: turquoise , brackish waters temperature 20-29 degrees Celsius , embraced by steep reddish cliffs . The lake with the thermal water and mazy underwater caves formed by subsidence of the roof a huge cave in prehistoric times . It is a listed monument and belongs to the pan-European network of protected areas NATURA 2000.

Alternative Beaches

For more options in your short … vacations in Athens Riviera, put on your agenda beaches : Loumparda, Agia Marina , Beaches Iliopoulos , Black Stone , Eden, Saronida . The sailing enthusiasts will be able to discover the many boat the beaches , walking distance from Athens – the many and well organized marinas Attic It is an ideal starting point for this . Marinas can be found in Zea, the Flisvos – considered equal to the one of Monako- Faliro – SEF , Alimos , Glyfada and Vouliagmeni .







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