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The Port of Piraeus is one of the biggest in Europe and in fact, the second biggest in the Mediterranean.

The word “Piraeus” means “Porthmefs” (get across) and its region has been inhibited since the Neolithic Era, with its biggest point of prosperityThe Classic Ages. The distance between Piraeus and Athens is almost 11 km and we need approximately 30 minutes to drive from one point to the other.

The distance from Athens Airport to Port of Piraeus is 45 km and the time we need to drive from one point to the other is 50 – 60 minutes.


Taxi sedan, 1-4 people,  55€ to and from the Athens Internationαl Airport “El. Venizelos”.

Taxi sedan, 1-4 people, 25€ to and from the city of Athens.

For a minivan 5-7 people, 100€ to and from the Athens International Airport “El. Venizelos”.

For a minivan 5-7 people, 40€ to and from the city of Athens.

or a minibus (8-15 people), please contact us.
For all our services between 23.30 – 06.00 there is an extra charge of 10€.

We provide you with luxury, punctuality and safety with no extra or ‘hidden’ charge whatsoever.
Luggage: Taxi sedan, 4 pieces of luggage in total measuring 63,5cm in height, 45cm in width and 28cm in depth, or 2 bigger pieces of luggage altogether.


We use German new brand car,  offering you comfort and luxury. All vehicles comply with the standards of safety and, of course, travelling safety for all passengers.

  • Smoking is allowed in all our vehicles.
  • There is always potentiality for Wi-Fi connection.
  • There is potentiality for Skype, after request.
  • Experienced drivers with knowledge of Athens and several years of experience on the tourist field, fully capable to respond to your needs, about the most famous ancient, religious and historical sites around Greece.


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