Saint Efrem Monastery, Nea Makri, Athens Greece.

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St Ephraim is said that he lived between 1384 and 1426. It is one of the ” novel saints ” for in which there is no historical writings or other findings to substantiate either the existence of a historical person either approach or not those recent ecclesiastical tradition narrated by actual historical events.

Detailed biographical information was disclosed to the nun Blessed Desypri in a series of visions (sic) that was in 1950. Accordingly, the secular name St. Ephrem was Konstantinos form. Born on September 14, 1384 in Trikala. it was large family son , which was to save him from the mass kidnapping of children sent to the Monastery Annunciation at the age of 14 years . There he stayed until the age of 18 years as novice monk . Then he anointed monk and priest in a few years .

From 1416 to the occupied Athens by the Ottomans , the monastery experienced two disasters . At first the saint happened to praying in a cave on the mountain , but in the second on September 14, 1425 and returned They tortured with particular ferocity for eight and a half months . Martyred on May 5, 1426 at age 42 years old.

His memory is celebrated by the Orthodox Church on January 3 ( disposing of the remains ) and May 5 (martyrdom memory).

The Monastery of the Annunciation where the relics of St. Ephraim is Mount Amomon Attica at Nea Makri.


We use German new brand car, with a fluent speaker of English driver.
The drivers cannot enter archaeological sites or museums, this can only be done by accredited tour guides, therefore there is an extra charge for this service.
Regional taxes, VAT, fuel, tools and luggage charge are all included in the above.
Admission tickets for the museums, beverages, meals accommodation and / or gratuities are NOT included in the above.
The above prices concern the vehicle and are not per person.


Τhe duration of transferrin from the center of Athens lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes,

Taxi sedan, 1-4 people  the price is 75€,

and from the Athens International Airport lasts almost 1 hour and 15 minutes, Taxi sedan, 1-4 people the price is 85 €.

The above prices include the transition to the monastery , awaiting the car for 1 hour and return to the hotel or the Athens International Airport.

For a minivan (5-7 people),

or for a minibus (8-11 people) please contact us.


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