Thermopyles, “Hot Gates”

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Starting from Athens and continuing north , through the National Way, arriving in the location of one of the most important battle of Greek Persian War . The trip takes 2 hours and 30 minutes and the distance is 200 km .

Thermopylae ( Thermopylae in ancient Greek language and purist ) is a mountain pass in GREECE. The area takes its name from nearby hot springs and the narrow and inaccessible passages of which one could approach the area , the gates , which were East , the Middle and the West .

This name seems to have taken from the mythical hero Hercules , who fell into the water sources in order to escape the pains had create the poisoned tunic of Nessus that was stuck in his body. Since coming fumes from the source .

The passage leading from Locris in Thessaly , between Mt. Iti and Maliakos Gulf.

For the ancient Greeks it was sacred space . There existed a dual source dedicated to Persephone -the Scylla source at the foot of the ravine , next to Middle Gate, the narrowest part of Thermopylae .

Thermopylae is mainly known because of Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC between Greek and Persian armies .

His time Leonidas in 480 BC , the passage was a narrow path ( about 12 meters wide ) under the hill , which attempted to exploit strategically Greek soldiers to prevent the supernumerary Persian army. Now the passage of Thermopylae reaches from 1.5 up to 3 km width due to the deposits at the mouth of Sperchios .

The hot springs , one of which has named after the pass, there are still at the foot of the hill .

The monument of Thermopylae was erected in 1955 and was created by the sculptor Vassos Falireas . at central pedestal there is a bronze statue of the Spartan king with spear and shield . Two accompany the statues , representations of Parnon and Taygetos . Based placed plate which says ” Molon Labe ” .

Finally, as the Greek poet K . Cavafy said: ” price to those where the life and assigned the guard Thermopylae ” , the word ” Thermopylae ” confidence means , high goals .


Departure at 08.30 am — Return at 14.30 pm (6 hours)
Taxi sedan, 1-4 people 230 €.

For a minivan (5-7 people), or for a minibus (8-11 people) please contact us.


We use German new brand car, with a fluent speaker of English driver.
The drivers cannot enter archaeological sites or museums, this can only be done by accredited tour guides, therefore there is an extra charge for this service.
Regional taxes, VAT, fuel, tools and luggage charge are all included in the above.
Admission tickets for the museums, beverages, meals accommodation and / or gratuities are NOT included in the above.
The above prices concern the vehicle and are not per person.

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Wear comfortable clothes and trainers, also a hat and sunglasses. Photographing of the sites is allowed.


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