A destination of unpretentious beauty…Halkidiki, Hellas Greece.

Within a setting of natural contrasts, emerald sea waters, wooded mountains, cosmopolitan villages, secluded havens and unexplored islands Halkidiki is definitely the jewel of Macedonia, Greece.


Cycladia travels around this worldwide famous region which shares three core values for all kinds of visitors.

. Entertainment in Kassandra peninsula
. Leisure in Sithonia
. Spiritualism in the Mount Athos (Holly Mountain)

No matter what type of traveler you declare you are, in Halkidiki, along the longest coastline in mainland Greece, more than 500 km of stunning sandy beaches and crystal blue waters are waiting for you to discover. In Halkidiki the choices seem endless…secluded beaches like Kavourotripes, Blue flag awarded beaches like Sani or Armenistis, cosmopolitan seaside Beach Bars for all-day parties like Navagos, Blue fish or Molos and many other coasts of exquisiteness like Vourvourou with its unknown small islands are just there for you!


As the ultimate youth destination, in Halkidiki a never-ending party starts early in the morning at seaside beach Bars and popular camping sites to continue throughout the entire night until the sun goes up in the famous bars &clubs of Kassandra peninsula.

Halkidiki is all about diverse settings from beaches & parties to historical &archeological monuments dating back thousands of years before. The well-known cave of Petralona, covered nowadays with stalagmites and stalactites, came to the fore at 1960 when a human scull was discovered to announce the existence of the 700.000 years old Arhanthropos as the “oldest” European habitant.


What is more, ancient Stagira is the birthplace of Aristotle, who was born in 384 B.C. The creator of rationalism left from Stagire at the age of 17 to study close to his mentor Plato and spread his theories all around the world; thus he remained until today one of the greatest philosophers of the entire humanity. Nowadays this small village keeps the aura of this great philosopher and continues beinga great attraction for visitors seeking to combine history with vivid activities. This picturesque village is a perfect place for hikingor scuba diving.


History also meets mythology to this miraculous region of Northern Greece. The earthquake giant, called Egelados is buried in Kassandra. Athos has been established by the rock that Egelados threw against the Gods and Sithonia owns its name to Sithonas, son of Poseidon.


Beyond, leisure, history and culture Agio Oros ‘Mount Athos’, an UNESCO World Heritage Site , is the epitome of Spiritualism and the definitive haven of religion. With Ouranoupoli being the last accessible location for women, only men have the privilege of visiting Athos and its numerous monasteries. For all the visitors Athos constitutes not just a place worth visiting but a unique spiritual experience through which someone can hear the voice of his own internal truth whispering through a serene surrounding where miracles can happen every day.




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