Cape Sounio, Athens Greece

As we drive, with the beautiful sea-scape unfolding before your eyes, you will pass more beautiful resorts, such as Lagonissi or Saronida, where the azure waters beg you to stop for a quick swim.   But, just as cunning Odysseus never succumbed to the singing of the Sirens and finally reached Ithaca, you too are destined to arrive at your final destination: Cape Sounio.   It is the southernmost point of the Attica peninsula, site of the remains of the Ancient Poseidon Temple.   There, on a rock rising 60 meters above sea level, surrounded on three sides by water, the ancient Athenians chose to build a temple to Poseidon, the might God of the Sea.   According to legend, this is the spot where Aegeus, King of Athens, dived in to the sea and died, because of misunderstanding that led him to believe that his son, Theseus, was dead.   The sea was named Aegean Sea in honour of the dead King.   This magnificent site, which is considered to be the second-most photographed monument of antiquity, after the Acropolis, will definitely reward yor patience if you stay there until the sun drops into the sea and everything is painted a magnificent mauve.   If you drive all the way from Athens to Sounio, be prepared for a rather long trip:  it is a distance 70 km, so about a 60 minutes drive.