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Αgia Sophia : 1,500 Years of History

The new generation Virtual Reality Foundation Foundation Hellenism at the Dome ” Greek World”

A monument – symbol of the World Cultural heritage . A sophisticated Dome Virtual Reality . Thorough scientific investigation years by executives and their scientific colleagues FHW . The data These make up the ” scene ” of the new interactive paragogisEikonikis Reality ” Hagia Sophia : 1,500 Years of History “, which is a complete digital representation of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and created especially for the ” Dome ” theater Virtual Reality Cultural Centre ” Hellenic Cosmos” .


Viewers are invited to a unique journey of discovery . A fascinating tour for all ages , where visitors are not mere observers , but participate in various scenarios and tours. Represented , in full detail, Inside the church, its architectural design , the sculptural and mosaic decoration and while showing the various phases of the monument construction and significant historical , social and economic aspects of Byzantine life . This new interactive production gives audiences to visit this iconic place and observe it as it was in the period of its prosperity .


via: 2board, the official Athens Airport magazine.