Epeios: unknown Boxer, and architect who built the Trojan horse

As we go from Thebes to Delphi, we find the birthplace of Plutarch the Chaeronea. Just next door is the Agios Vlasios Levadia. The ancient Mycenaean city ‘ Panopeys ‘, with the cyclopean walls, one of the most important cities of Fwkaewn “. It is said that the town took its name from his father, Epeios Panopea. The inhabitants of Panopea according to Pausanias was not Fwkaeis, but Flegyes, who escaped in Phocis, from orchomenus.

Son of Panopea, from Panopeys town located in present-day route from Thebes to Delphi.

Epeios had a beautiful sister glamour that according to Hesiod the fell in love with a handsome Prince the Aigimios, but eventually married Theseus who for the sake of the abandoned Ariadne on Naxos.


Epeios took part in the Trojan war along with his comrades, the Drawing and the Epistrofo campaign offering thirty fokika ships. In burial races in honor of Patroclus from Achilles, won many distinctions as a great Boxer.

The tradition says that the recording of these games is the first athletic race description in written form. Course editor was Homer. Epeios Besides great Boxer had exceptional technical knowledge.

That’s why the story was not as an athlete, but as an architect who built one of the most rare challenges of history. The Trojan Horse.

Athena advised Ulysses, to construct epeios a large wooden horse. Indeed epeios responded. Created a wooden horse with hidden openings on both sides, which could accommodate over 2000 Achaeans.

The goddess had Guide to etch the words: “Greek Athena charistirion”. In the “guts” of the horse entered the most brave, including Odysseus, Diomedes, Menelaus, Ajax, Neoptolemos and manufacturer Epeios, who knew to open the Crypts.


Can the plan was well organised but in case that the Trojans were discovering them will have had their hands on the best achaean lads. The other Achaeans withdrew.

The Trojans while trying to explain the sudden exodus of the achaeans toDoyreio saw Horse. Although there were objections and hesitations decide to carry the wooden gift of the goddess in the city.

The achaeans purposely left behind the Sinwna so a prisoner and to tell the Trojans that they needed to hear. So he told them a phony story about the horse: the assistance of Athena to the Achaeans supposedly ceased to exist when Odysseus and Diomedes approached Palladium with hands that had committed murder.


The Palladium was the small sanctuary, wooden figurine of Athena, which protected the city from the sieges. But had stolen the wily Odysseus. The Seer Calchas, the achaean camp told them how this Act enraged Athena which was no longer on their side.

Therefore, we had to leave sooner was to stop the siege. That’s why I built the huge wooden horse to placate.

The Trojans were pleased with the flight of the achaeans and believed his words and Sinwna left free. So they put the city to the wooden horse goddess demolishing a portion from the Skaies Gates to fit.

Cassandra warned them but in vain. Troy metrage hours of life and the tragedy was coming. Epeios was the unsung hero and his story is known to most people.

When he got his way back with his comrades arrived in Lower Italy and as was common then founded Metaponto and erected a temple in honor of the goddess Athena in which dedicated tools built the Trojan horse.