International Press suggests holidays on the Islands and mountains of Greece

Some exciting articles about travelling to Greece by International media have welcomed this year’s summer season.
Time Magazine marked Naxos Island as a destination that is worth your attention in its article titled ‘9 Vacation Spots That Are Better (and Cheaper) Than the Places You Want to Go’. Particularly it states that the Island is anchored halfway between Santorini and Mykonos. Studded with lush mountains and valleys polka-dotted by white-washed homes, all surrounded by a ribbon of gorgeous beaches. It’s the kind of place that’s still rural enough to spot the occasional donkey trotting down a cobblestone street.


Naxos Island is also mentioned, in the British newspaper Telegraph Travel, as one of the best islands in the Mediterranean sea among other 20. The article’s list presents a number of destinations that stand out, each for its own particular reason, and includes 8 other Greek Islands. Naxos Island is referred to as ideal for its beautiful beaches. Corfu is mentioned as a perfect family vacation destination. Santorini and Patmos are mostly recommended for a romantic getaway. Mykonos is considered as the ultimate place to be for a bustling nightlife.Lefkada is noted as an ideal island for water sports and sailing and Kefalonia as a marvellous place to relax, Crete is brought up as a destination holding exceptional hiking trails and Chiosas an excellent value for money holiday.


The renown Travel US News website – with the help of experts and readers – ranked Santorini, Mykonos and Crete among 16 best islands in the world. The article notes that Santorini’s breathtaking view will fulfill the all traveller while sea lovers will enjoy memorable visits to either black or red sandy beaches. Food enthusiasts will savour thearomas of Mediterranean dishes while history aficionados will indulge in the archaeological delights of the impressively preserved Archaeological Site of Akrotiri. Mykonos is depicted as Santorini’s wild sibling: This Greek island pulsates with a party beat nearly 24 hours a day but also has some peaceful sides as well. As a favourite worldwide destination US News also presents Crete; authentic Greek restaurants, charming seaside villages and excellent weather will make travelers’ holidays enjoyable. Furthermore large doses of history,archaeological sites and museums bring the island’s past to life.


The British newspaper Guardian published a detailed reportage about Zagorochoria in Epirusnoting that in a country so blessed with ancient ruins, islands and beaches, people tend to forget about Greece’s mountains as a holiday option. The editor of the article titled ‘Hiking, rafting and relaxing in Greece’s Zagori wilderness’, underlines the beauty of the National Park where you can come across Vikos gorge, Aoos River, clusters of traditional stone-built villages and well-marked trails which allow you to simply float along, taking in the view and the herb-scented air. The editor concluded that these forests, peaks, ravines and rivers make a perfect Greek holiday – with not a beach bar or ruin in sight.