North Evia, Greece

Area with beautiful natural environment, Evia is an ideal travel destination for those who want short trips or long holidays all year round .

thick pine forests , riparian forests from old growth trees and olive groves , mountain special assemblies natural beauty ( Kantili and Telethrio ) plains with crops ( Istieas region ) rivers and waterfalls , combined with wide sandy beaches and serene beaches , fully satisfy the faithful friends of Evia.

The famous spa town of Edipsos , mountain villages and tourist coastal settlements , religious shrines and remarkable museums are additional traction poles for many visitors.
Browsing the hospitable The North Evia offers the possibility of getting to know many interesting travel destinations.

The west coast guests can choose between Lake , ” island ” town with a romantic atmosphere, Rovies , resort combines mountain and sea , Edipsos , spa known since antiquity for its hot springs of  the Baths Gialtron , settlement spread on scenic seashore and St George , seaport Lichadas , picturesque fishing village with holiday traffic.

On the north coast suggestions are equally attractive : Agiokambos , settlement built on lowland area planted with olives , Neos Pyrgos , modern holiday village , Orei , bustling tourist center with extensive coastline , Pefki port of Artemisio , beautiful resort , spread out along the beach .

Finally , on the eastern coast of North Evia vacationers are turning their interest mainly to the Royal , traditional village with a remarkable holiday traffic Psaropouli , seaside village with vast sandy beach, bath , picturesque coastal village with beautiful beaches , Agali , the beach of St. Anna , modern tourist center , spread along the extensive sands , the Cold Fountain , with its magnificent beach , and Pili , picturesque village with a lovely sandy beach .

In the beautiful hinterland of North Evia distinguish the Istiea , town spread in plain , commercial and agricultural center of the region , Gouves , which retain remarkable elements traditional architecture , the Cherry , traditional mountain village with a petrified forest and museum fossil mammals, the waterfalls of Drymonas , pine , fir , trees , ponds and running water , the river canyon Nileas in Agia Anna area, Mantoudi , town built in an area blessed by nature , and Prokopi with the church of St. John Russian , important pilgrimage , the gorge Derveni – Klisoura and the plane- of Kirea River.