Top ancient Greek theatres, Hellas Greece.

Ancient Greek Drama thrived in Greece between the 6th and 2nd century BC in Athens and originated from Orphic Mysteries, the religious practices of the Ancient Greek and Hellenistic period. More precisely,tragedy, comedy and satyr drama were the 3 kinds of theatre played in Ancient Greece during the festival of Dionysus, an event held in honour of God Dionysus, the famous God of wine, festivity and ecstasy.



During the era when the Ancient Greek Drama flourished, the remarkable list of performance venues that were constructed to host the masterpieces of this great art comprised of 4 mainparts: the orchestra (the dancing space), the skene (the scene), the theatron ((θέατρον<θεώμαι<θέα:viewing place) and the parodoi (passageways). Later on the whole space was named “theatre” representing the place where an energetic and dynamic representation of a significant event is embodied by live performers.

Cycladia presents you some of the most renowned Ancient Greek Theatres, among a list of 125 catalogued theatres, strewn all around Greece.


Ancient Theaters:

Theatre of Dionysus

Built around 500 BC on the south slope of Acropolis the Theatre of Dionysus is the first theatre to have been constructed in the world and the oldest one in Greece. A stone built theatre representing the place where Greek tragedywas born.


Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Nowadays Odeon of Herodes Atticus hosts one of the most important cultural events in Greece, the Athens & Epidaurus Festival, hosting a great number of theatrical plays, ancient Greek tragedies and comedies and Concerts.Originally built in 161 AC, it is called Odeon as it was at first used mainly for music events.


Epidaurus Ancient Theatre

Designed by Polykleitos the Younger in the 4th century BC, it seats up to 15000 spectators and it is renowned for its stupendous acoustics. Numerous theatre groups and worldwide prestigious actors have presented their plays in Epidaurus Ancient Theatre.


Dodona Ancient Greek Theatre

Dodona (Δωδώνᾱ) in Epirus was an oracular center devoted to Mother Goddess and, according Aristotles, the birthplace of Greek civilization. The theatre, among the most well preserved ancient theatres, was built by the king of Epirus, King Pirros, during the 3rd century BC.


Delphi Theatre

Built with local Parnassus’ limestone, Delphi Theatre seats around 5000 spectators and it is found above the Temple of Apollo. According to Greek mythology, Delphi was the site of the Delphic Oracle and it was considered as the navel (center) of the world- the “Omphalos” of the earth!


Theatre of Sikyona

Constructed around 303 BC, it is situated 4km southeastern of Kiato town in Corinth. Ancient Corinth was a city-state of antiquity. The name of the theatre (sikyon: Σικυών), meaning cucumber in Greek, derives from the extensive production of cucurbitaceous in the area!!Sikyon Theater is used nowadays at times in order to host specific events.


Theatre of Thera

A theatre in the Ancient Thera town in Santorini which was constructed in the 3rd century BC and it is nowadays under restoration. Boasting breathtaking sea views,the theatre could accommodate around 1500 spectators either Santorini inhabitants, travelers or people from neighbouring islands. We are eager to see it operating again!