Wear a Greek Monument, Greece-is.

Jewelry inspired by floor plans of significant Greek monuments

Maria Korachai | October 25th, 2016



We are all capable of observing the beauty of ancient monuments but trained individuals able to delve deeper into their structures gain further satisfaction by examining lines, elaborate patterns, geometric designs and proportions while also appreciating the mathematical genius of the ancient Greeks.


Two architects, Eleni Kouineli and Stefanos Papadatos, created Qupa jewelry brand and their first collection named “Croquis”, based precisely on this ability. “The floor plan is a building’s soul. You don’t see it but you feel it when you walk around. Those of the Parthenon, Odeon of Herodes Atticus and other architectural gems of the past and present, such as the Acropolis Museum, are jewels in themselves,” Eleni, backed by Stefanos, noted.


Such thoughts spurred the duo to take the beauty of ancient monuments beyond archaeological sites and into everyday life in the form of jewelry items depicting the souls of old structures.


Eleni and Stefanos, who both studied architecture at the University of Thessaly, maintain daytime jobs, the former running her own architectural firm and the latter active as a visual artist. As for their evening jobs, the pair spent about a year pondering how to put their ancient monuments idea into practice. In 2015, the first result appeared in the form of the Rotunda, a Byzantine-era monument in Thessaloniki, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, re-imagined as a piece of jewelry.



The “Croquis” collection is available as in 9K gold, as well as in gold-plated(24K) silver, ruthenium or platinum. Silk string or chain may be threaded through all the necklace designs. The Qupa collection also includes a necklace and earrings inspired by the floor plan of the Jewish Museum in Berlin. The creative duo are now planning to shortly add more monuments to its jewelry line, including an Epidaurus Theater creation.



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